Registered Gemologist

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program is the world leader in gemological distance education with fully migrated HTML5 mobile friendly courses you can study anywhere with any computer or mobile device. This complete program includes four (4) courses in gemology (listed below) that is taken through our new individual course program. This program is for those who wish to study gemology and gemstones but not jewelry appraisal. You can continue on to complete the RGA Diploma by completing the additional courses required. Successful completion of this program awards the student the ISG Registered Gemologist title.

In order to make this program the most affordable in the industry, we offer the entire program in a course-by-course format, where you pay for each step as you go, rather than having to incur the total cost at once. Below is a breakdown of the total cost of the RG program. There are no hidden fees and no additional charges will apply:

$295.00  Diamonds Course
$295.00  Colored Gemstones Course
$295.00  Gemology Tools and Techniques Course
$295.00  Created and Treated Gemstones Course
$295.00  RG Practicals and Exams Module

Total for RG Program $1,475.00 complete

Gemological equipment is required to complete the programs. You can obtain this from any source, however a special professional quality package is available for ISG students for only $595.00 at this link:

Note: If you complete your Registered Gemologist Diploma and wish to continue to the full Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma, you only have to add the additional courses from the RGA program. You get full credit for the RG program so you do not have to repeat any part.

Individual Course Information

To earn your ISG Registered Gemologist Diploma you must complete the following courses and practical program:


Course: ISG101
Lessons: 14

Colored Gemstones

Course: ISG102
Lessons: 17

Gemology Tools and Techniques

Course: ISG103
Lessons: 16

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14

RGA Program Practicals Module

To complete your RGA program you will be sent the following gemstone practical package for hand's-on practice and evaluation.

The ISG Practicals Module puts diamonds and a variety of colored gemstones in your hands to practice your skills, right in your own home. No need to make expensive and time consuming trips to take your practical like other schools. With our Classroom-At-Home program we send the gemstones and diamonds to you in a single complete package for grading and evaluation once you have completed all courses in gemology for your RG.  We will grade your work and help you become the finest gemologist possible at the world’s lowest cost.

Gemological equipment is required to complete the practical, although the specific equipment needed will be at the discretion of the student. International Students may be required to place a US$800.00 security deposit before shipment.

You can sign up to take the RG Practicals Module in the All Courses pull down menu.

Gem Equipment Required

Here is a list of gemological equipment you will need to complete the practicals section of the RGA Program.

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program Practicals Module will require you to either own, or have access to, a minimum level of gemology testing equipment. These tools are crucial to your being able to complete the hands-on section of the program. Here is a list of equipment you will need. The items shown above can be purchased through website at discount prices for ISG Students only.

Required Equipment:

  • Polariscope with conoscope,
  • Refractometer, RI Liquid,
  • Diffraction Grating Spectroscope,
  • Calcite Dichroscope,
  • 10x Jeweler’s Louple
  • MM Gauge
  • Gemstone holder/tweezer

Exams, Certificates and Diplomas

Here is the information on how you complete the RGA program.

Certificates and Diplomas: A Certificate of Completion is awarded to the student after successful completion of each course. The Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser diplomas are awarded after completing all courses, final exams, and practical exams. Final exam includes online written exam and a practical gem identification exam sent to you for completion and return to the ISG office.

Final Exams: 

  • Final Written Exam: A 90 minute timed online Theory Final Exam of 100 multiple choice and true/false questions with a required passing grade of 70% covering all course materials. Then, a
  • Final Practical Exam: a 20 stone Practical Final Exam will be sent to you to test your gemological ability to identify gemstones. International students will be required to place a refundable US$800.00 deposit with the ISG office when requesting practicals. One deposit will cover all practicals.