ISG Created and Treated Gemstones Course

This course is the gemology industry's most complete education in created and treated gemtones. We take you through all of the most often seen process for creating gemstones in a lab, and how to identify each of these gemstones. We next look at a wide variety of gemstone treatments on the market, where they are found and how to identify them, This is the most complete course of its type on the market.


Course Number:ISG104
Program: Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser
Certificate of Completion: Yes

Available: through the RG or RGA Package Programs on this website, and/or as an individual course

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Subjects Covered in this Course:

  • History of Created and Treated Gemstones
  • Flame Fusion Creation Method
  • Flux-Melt Creation Method
  • Hydrothermal Creation Method
  • Czochralski Creation Method
  • Skull Melt Creation Method
  • Identifying Created Gemstones Overview
  • Created Gemstones A – Z
  • Identifying Treated Gemstones Overview
  • Treated Gemstones A – Z
  • Final Exam


This course is certified by the Texas Department of Insurance as: Created and Treated Gemstones for Continuing Education for General Lines. Course is certified under our insurance education division: International School of Gemology, Provider 33143.