ISG Introduction to Gemology Student Orientation

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Welcome to the newly formatted ISG Introduction to Gemology Course. You access the courses from the drop down menu at the upper right hand of this page. In order to make this course easier to study and 100% mobile friendly across as many formats as possible, we have migrated this course to this new HTML5 format, along with a lot of updated images and information. We have tried to make sure that all is smooth for you, but we will appreciate your letting us know of any access issues. However, the lessons are now available for you to study on your home computer, lap top computer, tablet, and smart phone. Anywhere you go...we go with you. Thank you for helping us confirm the operational readiness of this course. This course, and all of the ISG RG and RGA courses are also being migrated to this new system to insure that no matter where you are, you can study and be a part of our ISG Global Community.

The Introduction to Gemology Lesson Directory is in the upper right hand corner. The link back to the ISG Home Page is in the upper left hand corner. Please let us know if you experience any issues with formatting, videos or exams.There are many video lectures in this course so please be patient and give them time to load.

Thank you, Robert James FGA, GG......President, ISG