ISG Litigation and Expert Witness Course

Welcome to the Global Claims Associates course: Litigation and Expert Witness for Appraisers.  Before you begin this course, and your journey to becoming an Associate of the Global Claims Associates, you need to know one very important issue: You are ceasing to be just a part of the jewelry industry and becoming a part of the legal industry. Things you may have learned about jewelry appraisal from jewelry industry education organizations of all levels, go out the window here. You are no longer in the jewelry industry here; you are in the litigation industry. You will be playing by rules of law, litigation, and legal procedures.  You are entering an industry with strict adherence to laws, where every word you write will be read, scrutinized, and evaluated by a myriad of lawyers, judges, juries, and other players. Where a typographical, grammatical, procedural, or evidentiary mistake on your part can cost a client millions of dollars depending on the case. You are the expert witness. Your research, reporting, and testimony can make the difference between winning or losing major litigation cases. Are you ready to move to the next level as a Registered Gemologist Appraiser?

This course is going to teach you how to become a part of the litigation industry and establish what can be a very lucrative revenue stream for your appraisal business.


Course Number: ISG210
Prerequisite:  Registered Gemologist Appraiser Must hold the ISG RGA title to take this course.
Lessons: 9
Certificate of Completion: Yes and qualifies for the Associate level of the Global Claims Associates Registry

ISG Litigation Course Lesson Directory

  • Introduction

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Litigation for Gemologist Appraisers

  • Lesson Two: Setting Up Your Office for Litigation Work

  • Lesson Three: Expert Witness Fees and Payments

  • Lesson Four: Working with Attorney Offices

  • Lesson Five: Investigation Tools and Techniques

  • Lesson Six: Structuring the Investigation Report

  • Lesson Seven: Deposition Rules and Procedures

  • Lesson Eight: Trial Appearance Rules and Procedures

  • Lesson Nine: Marketing Your Services

  • Final Exam