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Registered Gemologist Program

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program is the world leader in gemological distance education with fully migrated HTML5 mobile friendly courses you can study anywhere with any computer or mobile device. This complete package includes four (4) courses in gemology (listed below) that can be taken as a single low-cost package or as Individual Courses to spread out the cost. This program is for those who wish to study gemology and gemstones but not jewelry appraisal. You can upgrade to the RGA program later if you wish for the same difference in price. Successful completion of this program awards the student the ISG Registered Gemologist title. The RG program includes all of the courses and education packages as shown:


Course: ISG101
Lessons: 14

Colored Gemstones

Course: ISG102
Lessons: 17

Gemology Tools and Techniques

Course: ISG103
Lessons: 16

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14

How it Works:

  1. Complete the four (4) courses in gemology as above. Within these courses are over 120 educational, "how-to" videos that help you understand the written course notes. Complete all courses, take the final exams, earn your Certificates of Completion for each course, then prepare for your practical, hand's-on learning.
  2. Send in your Request for the RG Practical Workbook and we will send you a complete set of colored gemstones and diamonds for your hand's-on learning experience. Complete the workbook by following the instructions inside and return to the ISG office for review and grading. Additional workbook practical sets can be requested.
  3. Take your 20 Gemstone Final Exam. We will send you a package of 20 loose gemstones for you to identify. A perfect 100% grade is required of this exam which is standard level requirement for the gemology industry.
  4. Receive your ISG Registered Gemologist Diploma. Plus get listed in our ISG / Global Claims Associates Registry that is available to the insurance industry to let them know you are available for professional services to them.
  5. Keep your ISG Title active by completing each two year recertification course and exam. Recertification is $125.00 every two years. This is required of all ISG RG graduates to ensure you offer the highest level of ongoing knowledge and expertise to the insurance industry.
  6. You will be given access to the ISG Graduate Resources page and have full access to the after graduation support of the ISG and Global Claims Associates.

Tuition Price Reduction until November 1:

Tuition Pricing:           US Students: $1,995.00   International Students: $2,495.00* 

*Due to the greatly increased costs of shipping to international students, we have been required to create a two-tier tuition pricing structure to be able to provide international students with our same quality program.

Why We are Different!

The ISG Courses have been peer reviewed by at least 5 state licensed insurance professionals, and formally certified by the Texas Department of Insurance. By reciprocity this makes our courses certified throughout the United States and the world. The other schools, including the GIA, can not offer this level of certification. Study with the ISG with the confidence that you are getting the very finest in gemology and jewelry appraisal education.

This tuition price includes all of the following:

  1. All four (4) ISG Registered Gemologist Program courses. Complete. No other fees.

  2. One (1) year registration period to complete your work.

  3. Diamonds Course: ISG101

  4. Colored Gemstones Course: ISG102

  5. Gemology Tools and Techniques: ISG103 

  6. Created and Treated Gemstones: ISG104

  7. ISG Color Vision Testing

  8. Listing in the ISG Graduate Registry at the Global Claims Associates website, our education and reference site for the insurance industry.

9. Certificates and Diplomas: A Certificate of Completion after each course, the Registered Gemologist Appraiser diploma is awarded after completing all courses.

10. Colored Gemstone Hand's-On Study

With your Registered Gemologist Workbook Practical you will receive 20 colored gemstones to identify. This is not a test but an opportunity for you to get hand's-on study of gem identification right there in your own home. Once complete you will return these gemstones to to the ISG office along with your completed workbook for instructor review and feedback. Additional workbook practice sets can be requested for a small fee of $75.00.

11. Diamond Grading Set

Also with your Registered Gemologist Workbook Practical you will receive two loose diamonds for diamond grading practice. These diamonds are pre-graded by the ISG office and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and qualities. Once you complete your diamond grading worksheets and the complete workbook, you will return the diamonds and gemstones, along with the workbook, to the ISG office for instructor review and feedback.

Optional: ISG-1 Gem Equipment Package $1995.00

Gem equipment is not required untiil you are ready for your practical study. The ISG-1 Gem Equipment Package includes: the ISG Travel Microscope as part of your ISG GemEquipment Package. This is a 20x - 40x turret type gemological microscope that offers professional quality optics and features to serve your gem testing needs now and in the future. ISG Polariscope with conoscope, Refractometer, RI Liquid, Diffraction Grating Spectroscope, Calcite Dichroscope, Brass MM Gauge, and assorted tweezers and accessories as available for you to use for study, practice and to keep. This is a special package and is offered to ISG Students only enrolled in the RGA or RG programs.

To register, click the link below:

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