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ISG Registered Gemologist Program

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program is the world leader in gemological distance education with fully migrated HTML5 mobile friendly courses you can study anywhere with any computer or mobile device. This complete package includes four (4) courses in gemology (listed below) that can be taken as a single low-cost package, or for those who need a payment program you can complete the program through our new Individual Course Program. This program is for those who wish to study gemology and gemstones but not jewelry appraisal. You can upgrade to the RGA program later if you wish for the same difference in price. Successful completion of this program awards the student the ISG Registered Gemologist title. The RG program includes all of the courses as shown:


Course: ISG101
Lessons: 14

Colored Gemstones

Course: ISG102
Lessons: 17

Gemology Tools and Techniques

Course: ISG103
Lessons: 16

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14

ISG Gem Equipment Package (not  available)

Included Equipment: Polariscope with conoscope, Refractometer, RI Liquid, Diffraction Grating Spectroscope, Calcite Dichroscope, Brass MM Gauge, five (5) ISG StudyGem gemstones and assorted tweezers and accessories as available for you to use for study, practice and to keep. This is a special package is offered to ISG Students only enrolled in the RG or RGA programs. .


Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, Created and Treated Gemstones Practical Package

NOTICE! Effective August 4, the ISG is suspending our Practicals Programs due to extreme delays and costs of international and domestic shipping. RG Student will complete their 4 course program and receive their diploma . We will restart the Practicals Program when possible but this situation requires us to suspend the program due to the current world situation.

International School of Gemology BBB Business Review

Certificates and Diplomas: A Certificate of Completion after each course, the Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser diplomas are awarded after completing all courses

ISG RG Program Package: US$1,595.00

This tuition prices includes all of the following:

  1. All four (4) ISG Registered Gemologist Program courses. Complete. No other fees.

  2. One (1) year registration period to complete your work.

  3. Diamonds Course: ISG101

  4. Colored Gemstones Course: ISG102

  5. Gemology Tools and Techniques: ISG103 

  6. Created and Treated Gemstones: ISG104

  7. ISG Color Vision Testing

  8. Listing in the ISG Registered Gemologist Directory at the Jewelry Adjuster website, our education and reference site for the insurance industry.  

ISG Registered Gemologist Program


To register, click the link below:

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