ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser for Professionals Program

The ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser for Professionals designed for those who have earned gemological diplomas from other accepted schools. It is composed of four courses: Introduction to Watches, Created and Treated Gemstones, Personal Property Appraisal and Evaluating Damage Jewelry. The Introduction to Watches and Created and Treated Gemstones courses are intended to bring your gemology education up to the level required for our Registered Gemologist Appraiser program. The Personal Property Appraisal and Evaluating Damaged Jewelry courses are unique in the industry and are required of all RGA candidates. Programs also includes the ISG After Graduation Support program at no extra cost. Click on the course icons below to visit each course and learn more about them. 

Introduction to Watches

Course: ISG105
Lessons: 6

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14

Evaluating Damaged Jewelry

Course: ISG108
Lessons: 8

Personal Property Appraisal

Course: ISG107
Lessons: 16

Courses are delivered online through HTML5 mobile friendly and responsive presentation to allow you to study via any format. There are no other books or other materials required. Gemological equipment is required to complete the practical exercises.

RGA for Professionals Program Requirements

This program requires the student to have completed a recognized gemological education from a recognized institute or school as listed below:

  • Canadian Institute of Gemmology
  • Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
  • Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
  • Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Australian Gemmological Association
  • Canadian Gemmological Association
  • American Gem Society
  • Gemological Institute of America
  • For other accepted schools or institutes please contact the ISG office.

Certificates and Diplomas: A Certificate of Completion after each course. The ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma will be awarded upon completion of the RGA for Professionals Program.

Final Exam: A Final Exam will include jewelry items to be sent to you for appraisal. Your appraisal will be evaluated by insurance industry professionals with categories in accuracy of identification and evaluation, accuracy in valuation, format and structure of your appraisal and overall presentation of your appraisal document.

Complete RGA for Professionals Program: US$1,795.00  This tuition prices includes all of the following:

  1. All four (4) ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser for Professionals Program courses. Includes all exam fees and everything else. Complete. No other fees.

  2. Introduction to Watches: ISG105

  3. Created and Treated Gemstones: ISG104

  4. Jewelry Insurance Appraisal: ISG107

  5. Evaluating Damaged Jewelry: ISG108

  6. ISG After Graduation Support. Click the link to learn more.

  7. One optional ISG RGA Practical set included at no extra fee for US students. Additional practical study through our Classroom-at-Home program  is available for a nominal fee.

  8. ISG Color Vision Testing

  9. Listing in the ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser Directory at the Global Claims Associates, our insurance industry home office and founding organization of the International School of Gemology.               

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