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International School of Gemology April 22, 2021

Global Claims Associates Certificates for RGA and RG Recertification go out this week. An example is above. The Registry of the Global Claims Associates, home of the International School of Gemology, is being updated and expanded.

GCA initials added to credentials of the Registered Gemologist Appraisers title. Effective this recertification date all RGA title holders will take the upcoming Litigation and Expert Witness Program at no charge to gain the GCA title beside their RGA title.

Press Releases go out this week for our 2021 Recertification Associates holding the RGA and RG diploma recertification. To all title holders: please be sure you have filled out the form at the link at the bottom of this page with the press organization you would like us to contact. We will not send press releases to you personally; we must have a news organization in your area to send directly.

Expanded Practical, Hand’s-on Gem ID and Diamond Grading Experience: Effective May 15, the ISG RGA and RG programs will offer an expanded hand’s-on learning opportunity to work with over 100 types of colored gemstones and over 100 diamonds that are available for hand’s-on practice in your home or office. This will be included free in the RGA and RG programs for students registering after May 15, with students registering prior to May 15 having the availability for an added fee.

Tuition Price Increase: Effective May 15 the ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologist programs will have a significant tuition increase. This increase is due to the significantly higher costs of operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Restricted Country List: Due to the ongoing problems with costs and logistics of shipping equipment packages, practicals sets and diplomas, effective immediately the ISG is accepting students from the following countries only:

·        United States

·        Canada

·        Australia

·        New Zealand

·        United Kingdom

·        Singapore

·        Finland

·        Sweden

·        Norway

·        The Netherlands

·        Malaysia

We hope to open to world-wide distribution in the near future. However, due to the extreme problems in getting our program to other countries we are forced to curtail services for the present time. This does not impact current students and graduates from other countries.

The International School of Gemology is the education arm of the Global Claims Associates. Our purpose is to expand your education and business opportunities through our insurance and litigation programs of the Global Claims Associates.

The Global Claims Associates is a professionally licensed insurance and litigation services organization. Through our Registry of Associates, we are dedicated to providing high quality gemology and jewelry appraisal professionals to the insurance and legal industries around the world. The Global Claims Associates is a member of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters, with experience working litigation and claims cases throughout North America and Europe. Click the GCA icon to visit us.

Please contact the ISG office for any questions or inquiries.

Robert James FGA, GG

President, International School of Gemology

Global Claims Associates, Adjusters and Investigators

Member: National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters

Property and Casualty Adjuster, Texas Department of Insurance #1300433

If you have not already done so, all ISG Recertification Graduates please fill out the form at the link below. There is additional information in the form that will help everyone.

ISG 2021 Recertification Information Form

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