The ISG Online Classroom is a real-time chat room where we will present a weekly study session on various topics of gemology. Attendance is not required to complete your ISG courses, but we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. We do not provide print-outs of the presentation to those who cannot attend. This is a chat room environment that requires patience and courtesy of others. By submitting your registration to the ISG Online Class Room you agree to abide by the following rules

  • ISG Students and Graduates Only Please

    ISG Online Classroom is open to all ISG Students and Graduates only. Please use your ISG username or ISG Student Number to register. We do check IP and usernames for new students to insure the quality of our learning experience.

  • No Strong Language

    We sometimes have home school age kids join us so keep it civil and clean.

  • Keep all discussions on topic

    During the Wednesday night class time keep all discussions on topic. The classroom is open 24/7 for open discussions and meeting with other ISG students and graduates.

  • Keep all questions until question/answer time

    Please do not interrupt the presentation with questions until the questions period is announced. This will help us keep the continuity going and make the one-hour time limit more efficient. There will be plenty of time for off-topic questions after the one-hour presentation.

  • Please refrain from banter and chatter among other students

    Please do not get into side discussions with other students on the chat board during the class presentation.

  • Do not post links or images during class time unless approved

    Posting links or unapproved images causes serious time delays for the classroom. Do not post any link or image unless prior approval is provided.