ISG New Student Orientation

Welcome to the International School of Gemology. Please take a few minutes to watch this Student Orientation Video with Robert James FGA, GG, then carefully read the important student orientation information below. This will help you get started faster and help save time by learning how the ISG learning system operates.

We appreciate your being a part of the ISG Global Community.

Please start by watching the ISG Student Orientation Video above.

Contacting the ISG

All ISG Students should use the Contact the ISG form located on the ISG Student Home page to contact the ISG office, and be sure and include your ISG Student Number on all correspondence. Using any other form or email may significantly delay getting a response.

In the beginning you should become familiar with your Student Access Code. Remember: Your Student Number is your UserName and goes in first in the log-in window. Your Password goes in on the second line. And remember, you MUST enter your information exactly as sent. If your password is Heliodor and you type in heliodor (with a small "h"...) you will get an error code.


If you have problems accessing the ISG Course Home Page, check the following before contacting the ISG office:

  1. • Are you typing in your Student Number into the Username line?

  2. • Are you sure you are typing in the correct number?

  3. • Are you typing in the Password in the second line?

  4. • Are you typing it exactly as sent to you including all small and capital letters?

  5. • Is your computer set to allow pop-up windows from

  6. • Is your computer security system allowing you to access the ISG Access Code window.

  7. • If you are on AOL, have you listed website as a secure website in your profile?

So far, the above listed procedures have solved 100% of student access problems. We test each access code before it is sent to you. So please check the above before contacting the ISG office with a trouble report. If the above does not work, then by all means contact us and we will help you. You can contact us for access problems.  

To enter the ISG Student Home Page click on the link at the bottom of this page...after you have read the ISG Student Orientation Page completely.

Once you are in the ISG Student Home Page....

You should take some time and surf through the various courses and study sections. There is a great deal of information there. We recommend that RGA students start with either the Introduction to Watches Course or the Pearls Course as these are short courses and will help you get used to the ISG system. Study at your own pace. But stay with one course until you have completed it, including the Final Exams. Then go on to the next course.

Remember: There are links to areas in the Student Home Page, such as the Charts and Graphs, that will be required during your study. These are in addition to the course notes. You should take time and review all links on the ISG Student Home Page.

Study Methods....

The ISG courses are presented as stand alone online presentations that include video lectures and demonstrations embedded directly into the course notes. This will allow you to read and study the information, while at the same time being able to view video demonstrations of the material being presented. We urge you to take your time and study the information carefully. The final exams are timed so you will not have time to look up answers during your final exams. All other exams are practice and can be taken as many times as you wish. These are for practice only and are not timed. But your Final Exams are timed and the information must be studied carefully in order to pass without the need of a retake. Retakes are available but hopefully you will not need this.

Exam Procedures....

There are exams and practice exams at various locations throughout the courses.

  1. Individual Course Final Exams are located at the end of each course. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the Final Exam.

  2. Practice exams are not timed and can be retaken as many times as you wish. Individual Course Final Exams are timed and can be taken multiple times if required. If you do not pass a Final Exam a retake is available. The ISG makes every effort to insure that our program is as mobile friendly and responsive as possible, but limitations beyond our control still exist due to the many different formats on the internet. See #5 for information.

  3. If you get timed out of an exam, or your browser loses internet connection, all you need do is simply log back into the exam and you will continue from the point you left off. Your clock timing and question number will be stopped when you are logged off and you will be able to simply log back on to complete your exam.

  4. You will not have time to look up answers during the exams as you will normally have one minute or less to complete each question on the exam. So it is important that you study and know the information before attempting any exam.

  5. Passing grade on all written exams is 70%. The 20 Stone Practical Final requires a 100% grade.

  6. FINAL EXAM RETAKES: All final exams can be retaken as necessary. Simply go back to the Final Exam link from the course notes and start again. Exam fails are not reported to the ISG office.    

  7. While some exams will give you feedback on the questions that were missed, the Final Exams provide no feedback.  

Practical Procedures....

The practicals are done after the courses are complete. To minimize the cost of mailing and insuring packages back and forth, once the courses are complete we will send you the RGA or RG Workbook Practical set that has colored gemstones, diamonds and pearls (for RGA) to grade and identify, and return for evaluation. If you decide to do additional sets, you can make that choice. Then you will take the 20 Gemstone Final, and finally the Appraisal Final. All can be requested from the same form in the RGA section after all 8 courses are complete. All can be requested using a single online form. The Practicals Request Form is available in your RGA or RG sections of the Student Home Page.

For any question please contact the ISG office.

ISG Weekly Video Presentation

Each Tuesday we offer you the ISG Weekly, a weekly news and views show from ISG President, Robert James. Join us each Tuesday morning after 10am Central Time for a mobile friendly video presentation of the latest news and events at the ISG and the industry. Link to the ISG Weekly from the front page of the ISG Website.

To Contact the ISG Office for any Student Inquiries:

All formal inquiries and questions from ISG Students to the ISG office must be sent on the Contact the ISG form located in the ISG Student Home Page. Please DO NOT use any other email address as our response time on inbound emails from those addresses may take several days depending on the traffic volume.  The ISG Student Home Page has a special reserved inbound email address linked to the Contact the ISG form that we check hourly. If you send any request of any type using the other email addresses it may take up to several days to get a response. 

Phone contact is to 210-695-5520. If you have  question, I would love to talk to you.

Please Remember: Always include your ISG Student Number on all correspondence to the ISG office regarding of the purpose or method of contact. As a registered student you must use the proper Student Assistance form (Contact the ISG) available from the link in the ISG Student Home Page.

Please address all correspondence to the ISG address below:

International School of Gemology
14436 Old Bandera Rd, #1
Helotes TX 78023

We hope you have a wonderful learning experience here with the International School of Gemology. Remember, we are here to help. If you have any suggestions or recommendations by which we can make your study more productive, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas. If for any reason you are not able to access the Student Home Page, use the Contact Us form or call to let us know so we can help.

ISG Student Entrance