Color Vision Testing

Whether you buy, sell, appraise or some of all of these, you need to know any limitations you may have in discerning colors in gemstones. This includes evaluating diamond color grades, and correctly identifying colored gemstone colors to accurately evaluate quality and value. Additionally, men are very often color blind in the area of red colors to variable degrees. The key to color vision testing is to understand that certain levels of color vision limitations do not prevent you from becoming a successful jewelry appraiser or gemstone dealer. By knowing any deficiencies you may have in color vision, you are able to work around those issues and continue to thrive in the gemstone industry.

The color vision panels below are indicators for color vision problems. Due to the limitations of color reproduction on a computer or phone screen, if you have problems viewing the numbers in the color panels you should consider this an indication for further testing and not a diagnostic result for problems. If you see the correct numbers below, you can be assured that you do not have color vision problems.  These are from the Ishihara Color Vision Test book here in the ISG office, and are offered as a support service for our International School of Gemology students and graduates to constantly check your color vision to ensure you are aware of any potential issues with you color vision acuity.

View the panel and identify the number, then check your answer below each panel. Contact us for any questions.

Number: 12

Number: 8

Number: 5

Number: 29

Number: 74

Number: 7

Number: 45

Number: 35

Number: 96

Number: 16