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DateNov 25, 2019
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ISG Diamonds Course

To support the industry in these trying times, for a limited time we have lowered our tuition rate by 50% on this course to $195.00. Includes the full ISG course as shown below.

This online video lecture and written lesson course will provide the student with a complete education in diamonds including diamond history, diamond formation, rough diamond study, diamond grading, and the diamond markets. The subjects covered are listed below. Please read the ISG Student Registration Contract before beginning this course. By your registration and payment for this course, you are agreeing to the ISG Student Registration Contract. This course is included as part of the RGA and RG Program Packages, or can be purchased as an individual course.


Course Number: ISG101

Program: Included as part of the RGA and RG Program Packages, or can be purchased as an individual course.

Lessons: 16

Instructional Videos: 33

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Subjects Covered in this Course:

  • History of Diamonds
  • Diamond Markets
  • Diamond Formation
  • Classification of Diamonds
  • Diamond Properties
  • Critical Angle
  • Diamond Cut Grading
  • Cut Grading Practice
  • Diamond Color Grading
  • Color Grading Practice
  • Diamond Clarity Grading
  • Clarity Grading Practice
  • Diamond Treatments
  • Created Diamonds
  • Lab Reports
  • Diamond Imitations
  • Final Exam

Completion of this course will apply toward earning your ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser or ISG Registered Gemologist Diplomas.

How to Begin:

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Section 1History of Diamonds
Section 2Diamond Markets
Section 3Diamond Formation
Section 4Classification of Diamonds
Section 5Diamond Properties
Section 6The Critical Angle
Section 7Diamond Cut Grading
Section 8Cut Grading Exercise
Section 9Diamond Color Grading
Section 10Color Grading Exercise
Section 11Diamond Clarity Grading
Section 12Clarity Grading Practice
Section 13Diamond Treatments
Section 14Lab Created Diamonds
Section 15Diamond Grading Reports
Section 16Imitations and Simulants
Final Quiz