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Registered Gemologist Appraiser for Other Graduates Program

This is the special program for those holding approved gemological diplomas from other institutes who would like to study appraisal with the ISG and earn your RGA Diploma. You do not have to take the Practicals Package Module or the 20 Gemstone Final. However, once you complete the courses below you will be sent jewelry to appraise as part of your RGA Final Practical Exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you complete your registration, please allow up to 24 hours for us to create your New Student Registration File and send your codes and other information via email. We will also need confirmation of your Gemological Diploma from one of the approved institutes listed later on this page.

Program Description: The ISG RGA for Other Graduates program is composed of four courses: Introduction to Watches Course, Created and Treated Gemstones Course, Evaluating Damaged Jewelry and Personal Property Appraisal course. The Introduction to Watches and the Created and Treated Gemstones courses are intended to bring your gemology education up to the level required for our Registered Gemologist Appraiser program. These courses are not taught by other institutes and are important to the complete preparedness of jewelry appraisers in our program. The Evaluating Damaged Jewelry and Personal Property Appraisal courses are unique in the industry and are required of all RGA candidates. Both of these courses are based on our insurance industry certified Continuing Education courses that we teach to insurance agents and adjusters. These courses have been developed by licensed insurance professionals with many years experience in the handling of actual jewelry insurance claims. The courses are based on studies of actual insurance claims, with photographs and case studies that can only be found in our program. You will be studying with professional, licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Adjusters with professional designations from the GIA, Gem-A, AGS and ISG.

Examinations: At the end of each course you will take an online, timed written Theory Final Exam of the course material. Once both appraisal program courses are complete, you will take the ISG Practical Appraisal Final Exam where you will be sent jewelry items to appraise and return to the ISG office for evaluation and grading. Once complete, you will be awarded the title of ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser, and your listing will be added in our RGA Registry. There is also a Color Vision Test that is available to ISG students to test their visual acuity and to check to see if they need further testing.

The courses required for you to earn your RGA are as follows:

Introduction to Watches

Course: ISG105
Lessons: 6
Video Lectures: 20

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14
Video Lectures: 14

Evaluating Damaged Jewelry

Course: ISG108
Lessons: 8
Video Lectures: 18

Personal Property Appraisal

Course: ISG107
Lessons: 16
Video Lectures: 17

Graduates of the following recognized institutes may register for the RGA for Other Graduates program:

  • Canadian Institute of Gemmology
  • GIA Graduate Gemologist
  • Gemologist, GIA
  • FGA of the Gem-A
  • TIJT Gemology Program Graduate
  • AIGS, Thailand
  • FCGmA Canadian Gemological Association
  • GAA Australia
  • Certified Gemologist, American Gem Society
  • Certified Gemologist Appraiser, American Gem Society

Start When You Are Ready To Begin!

You may begin your study towards the ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma when you are ready. Work at your own pace, study when and where you have the time. Your future is in your hands with the International School of Gemology.