Registered Gemologist

Registered Gemologist Program

“I have completed my diamond essentials, diamond grading, diamond lab (in Carlsbad), colored stone essentials and I’m getting ready to take my final in colored stones. In spite of me being halfway to my GG through GIA, I’m going to start over with ISG. My store owner and GIA GG, recommended ISG to as an alternative. For less of the cost of what it would take to finish my GG l’ll have my RG AND appraiser, with watches and pearls included. ”  Kimberly jay

Registered Gemologist Program Package

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program is the world leader in gemology education with courses designed, developed and produced by professional gemologists holding the world’s top gemology credentials. Our program consists of an expanded list of courses that are not available from any other gemology education organization, making us truly unique in the field of gemology education. Our program is presented with fully migrated HTML5 mobile friendly courses you can study anywhere with virtually any computer or mobile device. This complete program includes four (4) courses in gemology that are taken individually, but can be purchased at a money-saving, single payment program package below . This program is for those who wish to study gemology including diamonds, colored gemstone identification, created and treated gemstones and learn about the tools and techniques of gemology. Successful completion of this program awards the student the ISG Registered Gemologist title and listing in our professional insurance industry directory.

To earn your ISG Registered Gemologist Diploma you must complete the following courses and practical program which are all included in your single payment Registered Gemologist Program Package.  Click on the course image to visit the course or practical module to learn more.

Course: ISG101
Lessons: 14
Video Lectures: 33


Colored Gemstones
Course: ISG102
Lessons: 17
Video Lectures: 30


Gemology Tools and Techniques
Course: ISG103
Lessons: 16
Video Lectures: 30


Created and Treated Gemstones
Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14
Video Lectures: 14


RG Practicals and Exams Module
Hands-on training with the ISG



To complete your RG program you will be sent the following gemstone practical package for hand’s-on practice and evaluation.

practical set

The ISG Practicals Module provides you with hand’s-on experience by sending you a large collection of diamonds, pearls, colored gemstones and a special collection of Created and Treated Gemstones provided to us from Chatham Created Gems. We provide this collection for you to get hand’s-on practice of your skills, right in your own home. No need to make expensive and time consuming trips to take your practical like other schools. With our Classroom-At-Home program we send the gemstones and diamonds to you in a single complete package for grading and evaluation once you have completed all courses in gemology for your RG. We will grade your work and help you become the finest gemologist possible at the world’s lowest cost. The ISG Practicals Module is included with your single payment course package, and available as a stand-alone module for those taking the Individual Course program.


Here is a list of gemological equipment you will receive in your ISG Registered Gemology Package.

The ISG Registered Gemologist Program comes with all of the tools you need to complete the course program and start your professional career. This Gem Equipment Package, aloong with 5 StudyGems to keep for your reference, are included in your ISG Registered Gemologist Package.

Included Equipment:

  • Polariscope with conoscope,
  • Refractometer, RI Liquid,
  • Diffraction Grating Spectroscope,
  • Calcite Dichroscope,
  • 10x Jeweler’s Loupe
  • MM Gauge
  • Gemstone holder/tweezer


Here is the information on how you complete the RG program.

Certificates and Diplomas:A Certificate of Completion is awarded to the student after successful completion of each course. The Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser diplomas are awarded after completing all courses, final exams, and practical exams. Final exam includes online written exam, a practical gem identification exam and a jewelry appraisal final exam sent to you for completion and return to the ISG office.

Registry of Gemologist / Appraisers: Through our Jewelry Adjuster partnership in the insurance industry, the ISG maintains a Registry of our Registered Gemologist Appraisers and Registered Gemologists to the insurance industry.

Advanced Insurance and Gemological Lab Support: The ISG maintains outreach programs to the local insurance industry for our graduates. Additionally, we provide advanced gemological lab services to our graduates to help them maintain top level credentials and services within their market regions.

2 Year Re-Certification: The ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologist titles require re-certification every 2 years. The re-certification process includes a refresher course, updates on the latest industry developments and an exam to insure the title holder is up to date with the latest information and developments of the industry. This is standard operating procedure of all insurance related industries to maintain professional standards.

ISG Logo and Link: It is also required that RGA and RG title holders maintain the ISG logo and link on their websites as part of the graduate support of the ISG.

Start When You Are Ready To Begin!

You may begin your study towards the ISG Registered Gemologist Diploma with any of the courses. Work at your own pace, study when and where you have the time. Your future is in your hands with the International School of Gemology.

You can begin immediately by choosing an individual course above, or choose a money-saving package program below.

Single Package Program Price without equipment: $1,195.00 complete, includes all four courses, practicals and exams.

Single Package Price With Equipment Package: $1990.00 complete, including all four courses, practicals and exams, plus Gem Equipment Set and a collection of 5 StudyGems to keep for your study and reference.