Registration Desk

Welcome to the ISG Student Registration Desk. Here you will find how to register for the ISG programs. The process is quite simple and requires only 3 steps as outlined below. You do not need any previous training in gemology, and no high school or other educational transcripts are required. In fact, our student body ranges in age from 13 to 82 so everyone is welcome to study with us. Please review the three (3) steps to register below and let us know any additional assistance you may require.

We are honored to have you here with us and look forward to working with you on this amazing educational journey we call the International School of Gemology.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology

Step 1: Review Course Programs

From the Home page of this website, choose the program that is right for your needs by clicking on the icon or choose from the drop down menu at the Education Programs menu above. Also, read the ISG Student Registration Contract before moving to Step 3. 

Step 2: Create Your Student Registration

At the upper right hand of the ISG home page, click on Sign Up and create your free registration. This creates your ISG Student Profile. Please complete this profile as it is used for your registration. 

Step 3: Choose Your Program or Course Below

Once you complete your ISG Student Profile, return to this page to click on the link for the program or individual course you wish to take. The link will take you directly to the sign up page.