Student Orientation

IIJA Student Orientation

Beginning a Course

To begin a course, find that course in the drop down menu of Online Classrooms and click that course. It will take you to the entry page where you will click the Start the Course button. You may begin your study as soon as you receive the confirmation letter with your Username and Password from the ISG office if you are in a Package Progra,. If you are registering and taking an individual couse only, you will be able to begin immediately after your single course tuition payment. 

Study Methods

The ISG courses are presented as stand alone online presentations that include video lectures and demonstrations embedded directly into the course notes. This will allow you to read and study the information, while at the same time being able to view video demonstrations of the material being presented. We urge you to take your time and study the information carefully. Course notes can be saved as a PDF file if you wish. Simply right click on the page and “print”, then save to PDF. The PDF saved files will not contact the videos. The final exams are timed so you will not have time to look up answers during your final exams. All other exams are practice and can be taken as many times as you wish. These are for practice only and are not timed. But your Final Exams are timed and the information must be studied carefully in order to pass without the need of a retake. Retakes are available as needed but hopefully you will not need this.

Exam Procedures

There are exams and practice exams at various locations throughout the courses.  Other than Final Exams, all of the practice quizzes are for your practice and personal review of your course understanding. Only the Final Exams count toward your grade.

Individual Course Final Exams are located at the end of each course. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the Final Exam. 

Practice Exams

Practice exams are generally not timed and can be retaken as many times as you wish.

Course Final Exams

Passing grades on all ISG exams is 70%. Final Exams are timed and can be taken multiple times if required. If you do not pass a Final Exam a retake is available. The ISG makes every effort to ensure that our program is as mobile friendly and responsive as possible, but limitations beyond our control still exist due to the many different formats on the internet.

If you get timed out of an exam, or your browser loses internet connection, all you need do is simply log back into the exam and you will continue from the point you left off. Your clock timing and question number will be stopped when you are logged off and you will be able to simply log back on to complete your exam.

You will not have time to look up answers during the exams as you will normally have one minute or less to complete each question on the exam. So it is important that you study and know the information before attempting any exam.

Passing grade on all written exams is 70%. The 20 Stone Practical Final requires a 100% grade
While some exams will give you feedback on the questions that were missed, the Final Exams provide no feedback.

Practical Procedures

The Practical Packages are available after you complete all courses of your program. The Practical Package is a single, all-inclusive package containing diamonds, colored gemstones, created and treated and gemstones and pearls (for RGA Students). You will be sent this package, along with a workbook, to complete and return to the ISG office for grading and evaluation. Please check the appropriate section in the Course listing for the practicals information.

For any question please contact the ISG office.

Certificates and Diplomas

Each week the ISG will produce and send the Certificate of Completion of the course(s) you have completed. It may take 3 – 4 weeks for some certificates to reach international destinations so please be patient. When you have completed all modules required for either the RG, RGA or RGA for Professionals you will be awarded the Diploma for those programs. For any questions please contact the ISG office.

ISG Announcements

All ISG Student Announcements are posted in our ISG Facebook Group page. If you have any problems finding the International School of Gemology on Facebook please let me know.

ISG Newsletter

All students are requested to create your own registration to receive the ISG Newsletter by signing up in the form on the front page of the website. Due to internet security of iContact we are unable to add individual students as we are required to prove that you have been added with your permission. Please do not fail to do this as this is the place where most ISG news, events and research is posted.

To Contact the ISG Office for any Student Inquiries:

All formal inquiries and questions from ISG Students to the ISG office must be sent on the Contact Us form provided from the drop down menu. Please DO NOT use any other email address as our response time on inbound emails from those addresses may take several days depending on the traffic volume. If you send any request of any type using the other email addresses it may take up to several days to get a response.

Please address all correspondence to the ISG address below:

Robert James FGA, GG
International School of Gemology
PO Box 1727
Helotes TX 78023

We hope you have a wonderful learning experience here with the International School of Gemology. Remember, we are here to help. If you have any suggestions or recommendations by which we can make your study more productive, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology