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Consumer Protection of the International School of Gemology




Beyond our world-class education credentials, the International School of Gemology has led the industry in the area of consumer protection. We helped stop a US$100 million fraud scheme called “Tibet andesine”, and over the years have helped expose gemstone frauds and protect consumer rights. We know we have made some enemies along the way, that is what happens when an organizations stands up against those who let greed and avarice guide their business tactics. But we have stood firm in the face of adversity from some of the highest places in the industry, and some of the largest international gem societies who put profits before ethical business dealing. We continue to stand strong by placing our credentials and certifications out for all to see, inspect, and verify. We challenge all others to do the same.

If you would like to read the full story of our work to expose and stop the $100 million dollar Tibet andesine fraud, please click the Gobsmacked! image at left. You will be taken to a free PDF version of the book that you can save and read at your leisure.

You can learn more about our efforts to protect consumers and stop industry fraud involving the cremation diamond hoax and other issues on our ISG website.