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Instructor Credentials International School of Gemology



The International School of Gemology was established by one of the foremost authorities in gemological education with the highest Instructor Credentials: Robert James FGA, GG. Mr. James began his teaching career with the Dallas County Community College District with their first gemology program located in Dallas, Texas. Over the years Mr. James has achieved the highest credentials in the insurance and gemology academic fields. Mr. James earned the Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard University, and holds the Business Law Certificate from Cornell Law School. In addition he is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, and former Certified Gemologist of the American Gem Society. For the past 20 years, Mr, James has also maintained the professional license as a Property and Casualty Adjuster of the Texas Department of Insurance License #1300433. He is also a Certified Instructor for the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Virginia Department of Insurance, Georgia Department of Insurance, and others.

Mr. James is also a Certified Insurance Appraiser of the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

A full listing of Mr. James credentials is listed below.






Robert James FGA, GG

Fellow, Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America

Affiliate Member, American Gem Society (Certified Gemologist) (currently inactive)


Award Date Gemological Certificate or Diploma Institute or Association

June 1978 Diamond Grading and Evaluation Gemological Institute of America
October 1979 Coloured Stone Grading and Identification G.I.A.
November 1979 Gemologist, GIA G.I.A.

November 1988 Registered Jeweler American Gem Society
May 1992 Certified Gemologist (CG) American Gem Society

March 2002 Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) American Gem Society (Affiliate Status)

May 1988 Jewelry Retailing G.I.A.
August 1989 Pearl Grading and Evaluation G.I.A.
February 1996 Diamond Grading G.I.A.
February 1996 Detecting Fracture Filled Diamonds G.I.A.
February 1996 Gem Identification G.I.A.
March 1996 Colored Stone Grading G.I.A.
May 1996 Gold and Precious Metals G.I.A.
October 1997 Insurance Replacement Appraisal G.I.A.
March 1996 Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) G.I.A.

August 1997 Fellow (FGA) Gemmological Association
of Great Britain

Professional Memberships:

Alumni Member G.I.A. Alumni Association

Fellow, Gemmological Association of Great Britain


Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster, Texas Department of Insurance #1300433

Certified Education Provider, Texas Department of Insurance

Certified Insurance Education Instructor, Various U.S. Insurance Departments